New Eden

The brake down Of power.

Many in the past few months have wondered what happen to the Arch-Bishop. He was there one night and Gone the Next . the lovely Angelica stepping up to feel the place of the second in command of the great state of Eden.

Behind the scenes ( IE OOC)
Tarik the Arch-bishop and Kira the prince had a disagreement.
Kira Lost one of her ghouls and Tarik lost his life. His pack was told if they did not like the new arrangements they could get the hell out of Eden.
Thomas, Kailena, are the only ones who know the truth about what happen that night.

The Keeper of Elysium has been placed on the missing list.
Behind the scenes
And the Nosferatu Cerise has stepped in as temporary Keeper until one is found.
This will be announced at the next gathering.

The new Council Detective has Arrested 2 kindred for questioning related to a spree of muggings and murders.
the Kindred are being help in a special wing of the jail pending a grand jury Indictment.
( this is starting to be written about in the papers and people with Media Influence will know this Information.



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