Artimus Jaimison



Artimus Jaimison or mostly known as AJ to the city, stands about a nice 6’3” with short chopped auburn hair and green eyes, with a little scruff around his face as if not shaved for a day or so with a bit of sideburns that go down just to the bottom of his ears. He’s typically in a VERY nice old style Victorian style outfit, with a tie and vest, and an over coat to go along with it, as well as a nice pocket watch. His clothes are almost always crafts x5 tailored made for him, and typically wears a range from blacks to even some pure white suits depending on his mood. Artimus.jpg


Not much is known about AJ, just that he enjoys his women, and is of clan Tremere. He goes off at random times to deal with personal matters or of clan matters when needed, but calls Eden his home for now. Besides that not much else is known except that he most likely either REALLY likes the Victorian era or he’s from it and likes to keep the fashion up as best as possible but modernize it as he can.

Artimus Jaimison

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