Kira Black

X-Prince of Eden- NPC




black hair and blue eyes.

normally seen riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle her helmet is funny

lime green mo-hawk
and big googly eyes painted on it.


Prince Kira Black
Clan: Malkavian

Kira was the Prince of Houston for just under 10 years. she was known in the public eye for her work with the homeless and the Mentally unstable. She owned and ran many shelters.. all where burnt down killing many innocent mortals on Hollows day.
Kira Keep 90% of the kindred under her safe during the Fires. she seemed to have feelings and warned many. no one is sure Exactly what or how but something warned her of the attacks and the people had learned to trust her feelings.
She holds Prince hood over Eden. She works Closely with the Mortal Leaders to make this a safe place for both Mortal and Kindred alike.

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Kira Black

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