Rules for Ambassador

1. they are allowed to go anywhere with in the other sides Elysium Areas
2. they can attend meetings
3. they can not Interfere in any meeting in any way they are just there to watch
4. they have the right to invoke Salus, at any time
5. No one is to Attack or threaten the Ambassadors

Salus, Latin for Safety, means at any time in a trail or court hearing the Ambassador has the right if they wish to take full responsibility for the person accused they can. call Salus
the trail no what what for Stops right then the person on trial is released to the Ambassador and both must leave Eden.
once out side of the state of Eden the Ambassador can call and explain why she used Salus . it is up to her government to decide if the pair can return or not.

The Ambassador is responsible for the person they save.. 100%

Ambassador is a position in the government to allow the other government balance the Ambassador reports to only the government they work for , but many send any reports they to to both sides and tend to make themselves available to answer questions about them.

Ambassadors are elected by the government leaders.
The other side can make formal request to have an Ambassador removed if they feel the Ambassador is not to be trusted, done Illegal thing, taken bribes.

(NPC Antara Criag) Mortal Ambassador MA Antara
(NPC Drake Trax) Kindred Ambassador KA Drake


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