Channel rules

Rule Number one NO DRAMA NO drama means Have fun!! I want happy player.


Rule Number two No In channel bickering. if there is a problem Take it to the OP (the people with the @ by there names)

Rule Number three *I will not Tolerate people talk negative about other player. Or talking to them with disrespect. We are all Human and Adult if your mother and father did not teach you Respect . You do not belong in this channel.

Rule Number Four You need An Approved Character before Starting play

Rule Number Five No Sex Role-play In Main Rooms. if you thing it need XP log it send it to the Channel email with (18 and up) in the subject line in the email give me characters names and how many hours the scene was.

Rule Number Six The Storytellers have the final word in ever scene if you don’t like their ruling E-mail it to me at (subject MIRC (your nick) ( ops Nick) )

Rule number Seven No Attacking or Killing PC with out IC reasons if you attack or Kill another PC for no In character reason you will not be welcome in this Channel.

Rule Number Eight *we all have bad Days. If you are having a bad day do not take it out on other players in character or out of character. *

Rule Number Nine Any Character not played for 3 months will become NPC. After another 3 months the Character will be Dropped from the site. Meaning the player will have to Start a new one.. If you are going to be away just Pm and ST and we will hold the Character as NPC for up to a Year
Note Please do not left nicks In IC channels

We Do not Take IC into the OOC channel. If there is a problem PM an Op and we will work it out.

Zero Tolerance One warning , Removal of XP , Ban from channels
18 and up for Channel in Real Life

Characters Ages:
Mortal- 15 years old and up
Vampire- (AP) 10 and up must have child flaw
Mummy – 21 years old and up
Ghouls- 18 years old and up

Channel rules

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