Eden Vampire Ranks

Rank in Eden
The following is a list an explanation for Positions one will find in the game, please use this as a general guide to better understand how to play one of these positions or interact with those in it. Most Kindred released in athe society should have a basic in character knowledge of how these positions function and why.

Prince/Arch Bishop
Prince Kira Black
Arch-Bishop Loryssa
these are the rulers of the domain, usually a city but in the case of Eden it is a state. The Prince oversees their Domain to ensure its operation as true Neutral territory A Prince has the power to allow or deny the entrance or embrace of new Kindred within the Domain. They also have the right to call for the destruction of other Kindred, most of the times this is done through a called Blood Hunt. Prince’s chose to veto the Sheriff if the do not like the two first picked.. , but they only have one veto each /Election,Prince and Arch Bishop Agree on a Keeper of Elysium . or the council votes of the candidates. A Prince/Arch Bishop may have great power but is subject to review and removal presiding Justicar and the Mortal Ambassador. If this power is too often abused and goes against the interest of the State S/He will be removed from Power and replaced.

Keeper of Elysium Cerise ( Nosferatu NPC (turtle)
Elysium refers to a safe gathering place usually selected by the Keeper of Elysium. It’s typically a club, sometimes a personal haven; While Elysium can be anywhere its€™s universally understood that violence of any sort is not welcome there. Additionally hunting in or around Elysium is often strictly prohibited, after all who wants to bring unnecessary attention to one’s safe haven? Tasked with the oversight of this chosen area is the one appointed to the position of Keeper.

The Keeper of Elysium is responsible for everything that happens in their jurisdiction up to scheduling or canceling events. Its€™s a position of great prestige that comes with a fair amount of scrutiny, thus is also one that is known to change hands often throughout other domains. A Keeper follows the basic Tradition of Elysium and often will adapt some rules to fit the domain. Keepers are sometimes given the authority to appoint Sentential (guards or bouncers) to help enforce and protect Elysium. These are often other Kindred.

Rajka (ra`kay)
The Sheriffs enforces the Laws of Eden. with in the State of Eden. Sheriff has the authority to request that any kindred accompany him/her for questioning and judgment, and as a result, is immune to the powers of the Keeper of the Elysium. However such power should not be abused as this position also falls upon its own share of scrutiny. The Sheriff is bound by the same laws they enforce, thus their infractions are usually met with a heavier hand.

Deputy Xavier Mathias
( Chosen by the Sheriff)
Deputies are appointed by Sheriff and are given authority to assist the Sheriff with their job. As is the case; a Sheriff should be careful that those they appoint are responsible enough for their task, as their actions or failures will reflect directly upon the Sheriff. The Deputes are normally patrolling of stationed in different areas of the state.

(This position is not known to the Mortals but is chosen by the Prince and Arch Bishop)
Enforcers are the boggy men. Brake the Laws and run?. yes sure you can be safe …. for a while. Many Enforcers are Part of the Assassins. or Black hand even No ones but the Prince and Arch Bishop know who the Enforcers are and they are for the rest of they’re un-life. Branded and having the right of destruction once the order is given. Currently there are 6 Enforcers .

Council serve as the voice of their clans, thus are appointed solely by them. Brujah, Tremere, Toreador, Ventrue, Nosferatu, Malkavian ,Lasombra,Tzam and Independent all vote their chosen council. The Council should communicate and arrange meetings with the clan mates regularly. They should step in to handle disputes between a member of their clan and anothers. Council can at any time be replaced by another member of their clan if their clan revotes for another. Council can also be rejected by the Prince/or Arch Bishop, in which case the clan would need to meet to revote a new representative.

note Gangrel and all Independant Clans are under the Independent Council.
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