Ghoul Information
1: Your name (can be a nickname you use on irc or first name no matters

2: Your character’s name – What your naming your character (Ex: Ronald Reagan)

3: Choose a Nature and Demeanor – This is how your character acts, mainly for new players it’s suggested choose a nature and demeanor on the list that best describes how you are irl. There are many different Nature and Demeanors in the game. But there is a difference to them and here’s the explanation:

Nature: This is how the character is on the inside, how they act towards others

Demeanor: This is how others see your character, or in cases may treat them

3: Clan – What is your Domitors clan?

Clans not listed right now may be added in the future but this is what you have right now to work with. If you don’t like the selection right now, play a mortal or Talk to one of the OP’s with your Ideas

5: Ghoul date – Pick and choose a date your character was Ghouled

6: Concept – what kind of job your character has or what he does

7: Attributes – This are your Physical, Mental, and Social traits.

Each traits break down into 3 categories

Physical: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina

Mental: Perception, Intelligence, Wits

Social: Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance

You have a starting initial pool of points called primary, secondary, tritiary the pool is 6/4/3. Choose which trait you want your highest, second highest and third highest to belong to. Then spend those points to increase the stats for that trait. All Attributes have 1 dot starting in each trait: here’s an example:

Primary 6 – Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, and Stamina 3. how ya figure is easy since each starts with 1 dot if ya total all numbers it’s 10 (4+3+3=10).

Secondary 4 – Social: Appearance 3, Manipulation 3, Charisma 2

Tritiary 3 – Mental: Intelligence 2, Perception 2, Wits 2

St Note Only one four is allowed at initial for an attribute. No other fours will be allowed during the initial stage.

8: Abilities – On the template provided below there is three categories for abilities that have traits listed under them. The initial points for these are 11/7/5. Select which category is your primary, secondary, and Tritiary point values, then spend those points to raise certain traits in those categories. Suggestion would be best to spread the points out as these do not start with one dot initially like Attributes do.

ST Note If your a player who likes using secondary abilities. Initial points cannot be used to raise a secondary ability, but you can use freebies when ya get to that stage to buy secondary abilities. Secondary abilities are specific abilities, though they are linked to certain main abilities, it broadens and focuses on that very portion of the ability here’s an example:

Say your character has Athletics 2, yet you want to focus more on the aspect of Athletics to be throwing. You could have a secondary ability called Throwing as a secondary ability using freebies to raise that to 4. Your character may be wonderful at throwing, but not so great at running, swimming, or jumping

ST NOTE During initial stage NO abilities can go above 3 dots with initial points, only freebies can be used to bring dots to fours.

9: Disciplines – whatever clan your Domitor if From . you have three clan disciplines. Your initial points to spend are 3 pts.
House ruling All Ghoul can learn all the physical Disciplines (celerity, potence, Fortitude) ( they are ghoul in clan.. but the clan of your domitor has other disciplines you can chose from as well)

10: Backgrounds – These are certain resources at your characters disposal, or make the character how is. There are many backgrounds to choose from and initial points to spend are 5. Backgrounds can be raised ONLY with freebies, Experience doesn’t do it. You can have backgrounds increase through role-play to raise them higher.
Ghoul Backgrounds

ST Note Do know if your character doesn’t take resources he has no money IC. He will be consider homeless, no means to gain money, broke and probably only have one set of clothes

11: Virtues – These are three traits that determine your starting humanity and willpower. Every Virtue starts with 1 dot initially but you have 7 pts. to spend between Conscience, Self-Control, and courage. After you have spent these points, your conscience + Self-control rating (means each dot in them) added together figure out your humanity rating, your courage determines your starting willpower rating.

ST Note Virtues can be increased with freebies but doing so does NOT increase your Willpower or Humanity ratings. You can use freebie and experience to increase those separately at their costs

12: Humanity and Willpower – Again resort to rule 11 to have those starting ratings calculated

13: Merits and Flaws – These are well as they state merits your character has. Merits are special hitches to help the character; Flaws are just as they say things that hinder. There’s a whole list of merits and flaws listed you can choose from and descriptions how they work or do. You are allowed to take 7 pts. worth in flaws, which gives you the 7pts to spend taking merits. You are not required to take merits or flaws if you don’t wish to, but it can make the game play and character more interesting
Ghoul Merits and Flaws

14: Freebies! – Congrats now you have finished with your initial creation it’s time to expand your character a little more! This is what we call the Freebie stage. You have at your disposal 25 freebie points to spend however you like to raise some traits for the character. The following chart tells you the cost to increase an Attribute, Ability (which means now you can buy secondary abilities) Background, Discipline, Virtue, Willpower, Humanity.

Freebie Point Costs
Trait Cost
Attribute 5 per dot
Ability 2 per dot
Secondary Ability 1 per dot
Background 1 per dot
Discipline 7 per dot
Virtue 2 per dot
(does not increase WP or Humanity ratings)
Humanity 1 per dot
Willpower 1 per dot

ST Note No Attributes can go over 4 in this stage, Abilities will need to be limited to a couple 4’s starting. We like to least keep a small balance with starting characters to make it fair beginning. Characters will always grow more as there played

St Note Willpower starting is limited to 6 starting
Character Sheet Cut and paste into and Email
Ghoul Sheet Template


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