Vampires and the dome

The Domed Area of Eden State has some Protection for the kindred. Tho the Kindred still have to make a roll to Wake up and Spend willpower or roll to Stay awake.

Damage is all halved from the Sun , but still Aggravated. none Soak-able with out Fortitude.

Eden has a Group of Scientist working on Dome related Research. Dr. White and his team

(Dr.White is dead thanks to the first light group the scientist that didn’t live throw the forced Embrace. No one knows what is happening with the research at this point.)

Mishka his personal Assistant is wanted by the Eden Government for questioning about missing research materials but is be-leaved to have fled back to Russia in November of 2016.

A new Team is being put together and be-leaved to start work in January 2017 .

Vampires and the dome

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