Mesha Trax

Mesha (fame 4 Violinist)

Mesha Trax Has been creating Music for right about 1 hundred years.

tho most of that time not in the lime light. Now that Eden has no Masquerade to worry about she preforms and creates for the mass public work with artist from around the world.
Dark side of nothing 1980
Red Ice 1986
Fur 1990
Trax remix 1992
Not here today 1995
I am power 1999
Away with you (single) 2002
Cracked Marble 2005
Grit and Fire 2007
Today and forever 2009
Me and You 2011
Here we are 2013 (tour days thro 2016)

Mesha is currently working with
Alisha Popat
Peter Hollens and

Beside touring. Mesha has a Music school " the looking glass" in Eden for young and up coming musicians.
She does Charity work for woman and children shelters and is a kindred advocate in the United States.

Mesha Trax

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