Italian mafia


Melissa Satta
Leader Of the mafia in Eden currently controlling east drug and weapons trade
and working on drug and slave trade in the state in General.
gambling and racketeering


Al Satta : little brother to Melissa (Dead killed by Andrew Deus)
Little Rick: Knife man likes his kills upclose and personal:: Melee3 Dex 4 Str 3 stam 2
Frank Valentine: just kill it if it needs killing :: Dex4 str 4 brawl 5 Fire arms 3 wits 3 for all
Luie: tortur 3 intemitate 3 brawl 4 str 3 stan 4
Benito Satta – Older Brother to Melissa Came to Eden after Al’s Death Is not in charge of her eastern Gangs.
the 4 leg brakers that are Melissa close circle


Anna Florentine: daughter to a made man Paul Florentine “The Butcher” Currently Manages The Bistro

Italian mafia

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