Jeff is a kid ghost

he manifest as an 8 year old boy. Mortal contact.Jet

Kindred contact Angelica ( has two of his 4 fetishes.

Powers. : possession
effecting Electronics (ie like sending txt to replay to questions asked him or simple turning things on and off)
Whispers: can whisper to a person
Manifest: can do it once a week or less.

soul collected:

coins , trade, or consuming

He likes the human/vampire fighting.. and will manipulate both sides .. when he needs more souls.

Currently found a priest who was becoming more and more paranoid about the kindred so much so he found a minister who could make real holy water and he took some from him.. he drove(jeff) to Georgia to get it and back. he(jeff) to the man to the mall he know exactly who was below when he pushed the cup over"
Currently 11/6

Jeff possessed the preist and had him hang himself , no note or any thing just found in the church.
Texted jet " i am ok ,hiding until things are safer.


Turtle’s Pass
Possesses a gang member Rapes and kills a 18 year old out parting .
Does a drive by shooting at Turtle Pass.. killing 5 that where standing in the line to get in.
Devils Riders


New Eden tylyndel