Taylor Pensinnoi


Taylor is a Giovanni Ghoul She has been in Eden for about 15 years Running and maintaining the families Holds with in the Territory she is know to the local Prince as the Keeper of the Tolbert manor, She has a law degree so she handle most of the legal papers needed to run the crematory and crematorium. She has a mortician license in the state of Eden as well.

She has a masters in Accounting and business
and a Doctorate in the science of the human body.

Merits :
high pain threshold
Eidetic Memory


Any one coming to the manor will have been warned about Taylor and that she is haunted the spirit refuses to leave her but has told the Giovanni it will not Interfere in her duties to the clan itself. And told also about her helpfulness as a ghoul in the manor she truly keeps everything running smooth. her memory is top notch and she does enjoy being feed from from time to time , but is not afraid to Speak her mind to the vampires that have been sent to tolbert in the past. Some have let her Other have punish her but, the family Elders have made it clear she is not to be killed.

Taylor Pensinnoi

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